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I am a very professional Chinese teacher have over 4 years teaching experiences I can speak English and some Japanese I am learning Spanish I like different culture in my class you can learn Chinese Chinese culture i use easy way to explain Chinese grammar any language should be input and output I want to say how awesome its been to teach many people who are passionate about learning Chinese. Just as i feel learning English and Spanish has really enriched my life I believe all of you find that learning Chinese will enrich your lives too its important to learn (especially at first) about things you are interested in and to make studying a part of your daily life from my experience of learning new languages through speaking to Native speaker always remember that even speaking a few minutes every day and during your free time can really go a long way. Whether its just reviewing lesson vocabulary or whatever. I found that everything adds up. you really can learn a new word or phrase in just a few minutes that could help you for the rest of your life. I really hope that you guys enjoy learning Chinese and you also need a experienced Chinese teacher if you want to learn Chinese please contact me.

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Wechat: 18694078760(Adam)

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Is it possible to study Chinese online?

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