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Titles: What the Basic Problems In SBCglobal Email And How To Fix It? Update time: Sep 03, 2018

Email sizeand quota limit: If you are using SBCglobalemail account then we want to mention here that you can send a message to limitednumber of email addresses and also receive in limited number. Thisrestriction is mainly applied by the email service provider in order to protectthe account from irrelevantmessages and spams. If you are using youraccount for business purpose then you might require more number ofmessages to be delivered to different email addresses. Under such conditionyou can enhance your subscribed plan by contact sbcgloble email support Phone number +1-877-353-4243  Youneed to open ‘Account management’ page. If you are getting an error messagefrom server end then you can report the same issue tothe server.

If youwant to share picture through message then we recommend you to use .jpgformat as it takes lesser time to deliver at recipient’saddress.

You can also make use of FTP to send files from mail. FTP will directly send the link overemail. For more information you can read instructions online. +1-877-353-4243

If you are using your personal mail for business then youwill get limited quota for sending and receiving messages. If youwant to enhance it then switch to business account.

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