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Titles: Impossible 6; Fallout Update time: Jan 23, 2019
Exciting apps and games for Android users
If you are bored with your apps in your Android device have a look at this article! We’ll share some exciting apps and games for you to refresh your device.
Brickscape belongs to the 3D puzzle game genre. Player’s task is to move different blocks inside a box. The goal is to move the blocks in the center out. A relatively simple game but you also have to be very careful and careful. The AR version allows you to play with an advanced camera system.
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This game will help you become a "real farmer". You will develop and run a chicken farm then harvest eggs and sell them. In the game you can upgrade your chicken farms cars egg preserves. Especially the game has a virtual reality technology as well as the ability to fly the drone to watch the glider hovering over your "economic complex"!
Ingress is one of the most famous AR games on Android and has a great resonance as it first appeared. Ingress is a science fiction style game where you have to move around the space to get the energy. You can join either Enlightened Force or Resistance to pick up quests. Ingress is a good choice for those who like the idea of Pokemon Go ! but do not like to play Pokemon.
Knightfall AR
Knightfall AR is an empowering experience designed by Milkroom Entertainment. The player's mission is to transform the Coalition into the Temple of the Templar in an effort to protect the city of Acre from an invasion force and to best protect the most valuable Christian monument - the Holy Grail. Use intelligence and sharp eyes to defeat as many Mamluk warriors as possible before they invade the wall. AR will support the most impressive experience.
Next let’s move to some apps shall we? These apps are not only useful but also very interesting.
Signal has existed for many years but never before the importance of it has been as great as it is now. In the context of user privacy the app is very useful as it is a secure messaging application that shows its great impact. Developed by Open Whisper Systems this messaging application not only encrypts your entire text message but also protects your calls from those who are curious. The setting to turn Signal into SMS default application on the machine is also very easy. There are a lot of applications that offer security features but Signal is by far the most popular choice and certainly the one you are looking for.
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Google Trips
Trips is Google's new app and deserve to be a great "tour guide" to help you plan your trip as well as recommend places worth visiting. The app retrieves travel-related data - like flight or hotel information - from your Google accounts to provide a travel itinerary things you need to know about your destination and of course things to do at that point. Trips have a very easy to use interface and you will not want to come across another option once you've used it a few times.
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Wrapping it up!
We hope that you enjoyed reading our article. Try out some apps and games from our list by downloading them at our apk store. If you find them useful and exciting as described don’t forget to share them with friends and family! Cheers!
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