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Titles: MLB The Show 19 Shows Off Newest Features Update time: May 24, 2019

MLB the Show 19 is on the hunt to use last year's successful release as a springboard to new heights. The Bryce Harper-covered affair launches March 26 a year removed from the last entry in the series going for positive review scores. There developer SIE San Diego gave beloved modes "Road to The Show" and franchise interesting revamps alongside the usual gameplay and graphical updates to great success.

There are 30 new legends coming to the game highlighted by Willie Mays Cy Young Walter Johnson Christy Mathewson Andruw Jones Ivan Rodriguez Rob Dibble Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. Each year The Show brings in a new batch of legends. Unlike most sports video games that incorporate legends The Show's legends are playable in all modes. That's refreshing.

Aside from the Harper reveal the major focus of the stream was the new Moments mode. This new feature challenges you to relive some of the most iconic moments from the careers of legends like Babe Ruth Ken Griffey Jr. and Willie Mays. There are also team Moments for the Chicago Cubs and some cool overlap with Diamond Dynasty but I'll get to more of that in a second.

There are new in-game challenges called Missions but nothing more was shared beyond that detail. The Show 19 will also feature a new bus and plane for travel but this appears to still only be a cosmetic change. The bedroom screenshot is where you will customize your RTTS character and perhaps most importantly Sony San Diego Studios has added new personality development.

Road to the Show the popular create a player mode is receiving a fairly substantial tuneup in MLB The Show 19. For starters when creating your player you’re no longer limited to a certain number of attribute points. If you want your player to be 99-rated in every single stat category you can do that. Purists may scoff at that as it removes a large part of the character progression those who have played Road to the Show know that it’s often a long road to becoming even an average ballplayer in the mode. So now the option to speed up the process is available if you so choose.

On March 26 MLB The Show 19 was released on the PlayStation 4. For those that pre-order any edition of the game they will receive in game “packs;” they will acquire ten standard packs and one gold player choice pack which may be some kind of collection or loot box system implemented into the game.

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