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Titles: climbing Update time: May 26, 2011
Has anyone here know anything about the climbing gym(s) in Wuhan? Apparently the University of Geosciences has a good indoor wall and I've been told there's a climbing gym in Hankou somewhere. But I've never been to either and know nothing about where they're located usage policy or anything like that. I haven't been climbing since December and being this close to the ground is getting rather dull. I actually have a strong preference for outdoor climbing but I know even less about where I'd be able to find climbable rock and a good belay within a short distance from Wuhan.
Titles: Update time: May 26, 2011
I know one in Guibeilu and the other one in Wuhan exhibition center. This is the price for Guibeilu: ::Click
Titles: Update time: Jun 01, 2011
cheers for that.. I was looking for that info when I lived there.. when in Wuchang the one in Hankou was too far.. when in Hankou I forgot about climbing.. lol
Titles: Update time: Jun 06, 2011
I made it to Hanyang to try the place out last night. Its s pretty good gym the staff/members/ other climbers seem really friendly willing to introduce new-to-the-area people to the local scene. Its nice to be vertically ambulatory again I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to do since snapping my tibia over Christmas but I think I'll be able to get on rope regularly again now.
Titles: Update time: Jun 07, 2011
the groundhurts: sorry where is the Hanyang one? Tutta: thanks! with pics website and prices thats great