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Titles: Mary Jane Update time: May 04, 2012
Does anyone know where I can find Mary Jane is Wuhan? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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as if someone will post online about this. and besides man.... who still calls it Mary Jane? btw - the 80s called and want their slang back...
Titles: Update time: May 05, 2012
I moved this thread to 'the pit' forum then I received this P.M from the original poster: However it's okay to post about fake Viagra. Or create a link entitled 'woman of wuhan' You can find them in one of the many *illegal* whorehouses I've seen down most streets. Newsflash laws aren't enforced in China. I've seen you've adapted to China's communist ways by revoking my freedom of speech on this website. Don't worry I'll go elsewhere. This website sucks anyways. Well I think my answers will be: 1. It's not OK to post about Fake Viagra on WuhanTime 2. I wonder if you knew what is 'women of Wuhan' and I think you need to apologize for this insult 3. I did not delete this thread just move it to 'the pit' I think you should know 'Mary Jane' is still illegal in China 4. IMHO Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can totally disregard other people's feelings and laws.
Titles: massa jane Update time: Sep 18, 2012
do you have an email address?
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not serious I guess