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17-03-26 01:45

Visit to Kengee’s factory and farm

                 Visit to Kengee’s factory and farm

        Wuhan city one of the biggest cities in the world. It has great opportunities for investment and enjoying. It was a wonderful day I've ever spent in my life when I invited to visit kengee factory and farm, I am always interested in this events since I was one of student Union members in my country.

   In this day, Firstly, the surprise which made me so happy when I see my national flag in the meeting room in Kengee factory. Secondly, For me as a Food science student, when we start to discover the factory and it's production lines I found that all procedures during the production process under control because they apply all hygiene and sanitary rules. also, the organizers were so kindly and help us to know more about the production and the history of this great company.

Then, we finished visiting company and having our delicious lunch with the factory workers and managers. We went to the kengee farm (Health gee green farm) I found that they also respect their consumers and produce organic strawberries and other vegetables using natural materials for pest control and fertilization.

      After this great day, I was so happy to spend this day in this wonderful company and I am glad for having many friends from around the world. I would like to thank everyone who participated in organizing this event and I hope good luck for this company in the future.

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