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17-06-29 10:59

We need your help

        In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful. I wish You all are doing great. Today's case is a Ph.D. student in China. Allah has blessed him with a baby after five years waiting for Allah blessing. The baby was delivered early within 6 months and needed to be placed in an infant incubator to continue growing. Moreover, the baby needs an injection every day for the lungs to complete its final shape which is estimated to be 3000 yuan per day plus the infant incubator expenses. The case has been confirmed and was observed personally. I am humbly requesting all the kindly_hearted people to respond urgently to this case ASAP. In case if you need to contact the case directly you can contact me.

we want to help this family and this baby to still alive

you can contact us to visit the case before donation at jeidako hospital

The address: Jeidako Hospital- jeidako metro station - Exit D - 17th floor.
You can use Alipay and wechat for helping this case

Thanks for your kindness

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