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18-05-14 07:40

Egyptian Cultural Show (HZAU 2018)

The first Egyptian cultural show and exhibition in Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU, Wuhan, China) were organized by the Egyptian students of HZAU, Wuhan University, and the international student office (ISO) of HZAU.

When it comes to Egypt, we have to mention not only the history, the civilization, the cultural diversity of the Egyptian community, but also you have to mention that the Egyptian students have the potential to organize such a great event after three weeks of preparing and training.  

The Egyptian exhibition started on the first floor of the International college building at 4:00 PM. The scene was very historical.

The pharaonic card was really an amazing idea from the exhibition teamwork, our guests enjoyed with their Arabic and Hieroglyphic names. our little museum and small pyramids attracted much attention.

The Egyptian show started around 7:20 P.M., while the hall was full of our guests since 6:50 P.M.

Our hosts played an important role in delighting the guests and bringing the spirit of joy and fun to the show.

In The beginning, The national anthem was chanted in a very enthusiastic way.

Then, the Nubian performance team of HZAU did a very wonderful nubian performance which is very popular in south Egypt (nuba, Aswan, Egypt).  

Abdelkader and his coral team presented a very inspiring song.

Then, The greatest Saidi dance and tahtib were performed by the Egyptian students of HZAU. these kinds of performances are very famous in upper Egypt especially during wedding parties and local festivals.

Then, the audience enjoyed with our Egyptian talents in singing in English with Inas and Reham, and in Arabic with Asmaa.

The Egyptian student (ABDO) who is an Egyptian champion in boxing and he is a student at the college of plant science (HZAU). Abdo started the boxing school in our university. He and his team gave us a brief about their skills in our show, and The audiences enjoyed his boxing skills.  

Many gifts were distributed during the show, congrats for all of the winners. If you were unlucky this year, we are waiting for you next year.

Celebrating the new child is different from country to country, in our show, we showed the customs of celebrating the new child in Egypt.


Seif, a boy from Egypt performed a very crazy child dance, it was really amazing.

The modeling show was very attractive since we have a wide range of clothing styles from different areas and different eras in Egypt.

We are a teamwork, we work hard together & celebrate together

When it comes to the Egyptian food, more than 500 visitors enjoyed the Egyptian delicious Food and we have to say thanks for the Egyptian ladies who were in charge of preparing the tasty food for our guests.  

The feedback made us very happy and proud of what we did in very short time.

Thanks to all Egyptian brothers and sisters for organizing such a great event.

Thanks all for coming and Supporting.

Thanks, ISO of HZAU for helping.

Thanks, Wasem from Pakistan and Amir from Iran for your efforts in terms of photography work.

Waiting for you Next Year.

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