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18-06-20 09:00

A Japanese teaching job in a famous university in Wuhan

A Japanese teaching job in a famous university in Wuhan

Job Details

1. Type of job: full-time

2. Location: Westlake hi-tech development zonne, Wuhan

3. Teach oral and writing course for college students

4. Working hours: 8hrs/week. +25rmb/hour with extra lessons. Non office hour

5. Quantity of teachers needed: 1

6. Start date:In the end of August, 2018

Qualification &Requirements

1. Japanese teacher

2.Bachelor degree.

3.Having 2 years related teaching experience/420hrs Japanese certificate/Japanese or educational major

4. Less than 60 years old

Compensation & Benefits

1.Salary: 7KRMB/Month before tax. 8K/M with extra lesson hours

2.10KRMB after one year of contract.

3.Good accommodation provided

4.Providing work visa

5. Airfare allowance after contract completion

6. Full salary for summer/winter holiday

Documents needed

1. Resume and recent photos

2. Bachelor degree or above certificate

3. Photocopy of passport and visa

4. Tesol/Tefl certificate.

If you are interested in the position, please contact me Icey!