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19-02-20 05:09

QuickBooks Com Error Crash

    For small businesses and accounting professionals, the worst nightmare is when their QuickBooks gets crashed. Many QuickBooks users face this matter when they email the invoices. While emailing an invoice to a person or a customer, they hit ok to email it and obtain the QuickBooks Com Error Crash. After hitting ok again, the crash error again flashes in the screen.


    After few tries, it closes along the program meaning that QuickBooks Desktop has crashed. Users try to run a reinstall and download the diagnostic tool (which can help to identify the issues), rename the file, update it, repair it but still look at com error QuickBooks crash. QuickBooks users think it is really frustrating and infuriating. Although, many QuickBooks users face exactly the same problem.


    When is QuickBooks com error almost certainly to take place

    Aside from mailing the invoices, in other cases when QuickBooks probably will crash are-


    1) When attaching a file.


    2) On startup.


    3) While opening a file.


    4) When clicking on Send Forms.


    5) When opening the check register.


    6) When from 1 company to another.


    7) When Saving.


    Besides the crashes that create problems, there are more things also that frustrate the users, QuickBooks might run very slowly when used in multi-user mode also as soon as the audit trail gets long as soon as the data file is simply too long.


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    Explanations why QuickBooks com crashes

    There are many reasons accountable for the crashing of QuickBooks-


    1) When the body is too old.


    2) When the body is too new.


    3) When your computer data file is simply too big.


    4) When you install an anti-virus.


    5) whenever your hard-drive gets corrupt.


    6) as soon as your data file gets damaged.


    7) if your company’s name is simply too long.


    8) a challenge with QuickBooks Desktop installation.


    QB Crash com error may be resolved by performing 1 or even more for the following solutions-

    Solution 1– Make sure that the outlook is up to date-


    Open Outlook and look if it’s up to date or otherwise not, if you don't then go to the update option and update it. Further, check that you will no longer notice the crash error.


    Solution 2– Setting up Outlook as default mail app.


    Go right to the default program and set your default programs. Select MS. Outlook through the programs list and set that program as default.  Then choose the Ok option.


    Solution 3– Adding an email account to Microsoft Outlook.


    Head to Ms. Outlook and select the file menu. Head to add account and go into the current email address you want and choose connect. Wait for Outlook to look at the server setting. Go into the password for the e-mail. Choose Ok to complete setup.


    Solution 4– Create a new Outlook email profile.


    Go to the Control Board. Select show profile and select add. Under the profile name, type the name for the profile and select Ok. Add a contact account. Select Always make use of this profile and select the latest profile and choose apply.


    Solution 5– Repair office and run Windows update.


    Solution 6– Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode.


    Go directly to the properties. Find the option Run this program in compatibility mode. Then select Windows 7. Go on run the program as an administrator. Select apply and Ok.




    Perform these solutions in the same order and check that QuickBooks com error is fixed or otherwise not. However, if you should be still experiencing same error flashing in the screen then may take help at QuickBooks Desktop Error Support Number 1-888-396-0208 for tech assistance of Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.