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17-07-12 02:05

Football :Wuhan Foreign Students Super Cup

       On the 1st of July, Huashi Central Stadium held the spectacular friendly football match between the best players of Wuhan Inter-University League (WIUL) and 2017 AFCON best players, despite the fact that the match was supposed to be friendly both sides have shown a focused and serious attitude in their game.The match didn't pass without several cases of injuries, both teams were doing their best and have shown their concentration and competitive spirit. Match ended with the result 5:2 with WIUL winning.

Now, who are AFCON and WIUL teams?

AFCON team was formed from the best players of football matches which were conducted during the Fifth African Students Festival called AFCON in April. The festival included an opening conference where the students discussed the problems of the African continent and suggested their solutions, football matches between African countries and on the basis of the results of the football matches the best players were selected and received awards on the ceremony at A+ club in May.

WIUL team - Wuhan Inter-University League exists in Wuhan only 2 years and its purpose to bring the universities together, to join WIUL students need to pay a fee 600 RMB, WIUL includes 6 universities - Wuhan University of Technology, Central China Normal University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical College, China University of Geoscience(Wuhan) and Hubei University of Technology. The matches are played 10 per season.

The match was an amazing experience and I hope to see more good games from our students in future, meanwhile, I will try to upgrade my gear and skills to make better pictures. :)