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17-07-18 08:49

吾二倾叁 Coffee and Liquor - Combining the Uncombinable

When you enter the cafe the first thing that catches your eye is the contrast between the combination of soft cozy and comfortable interior with geeky and metal fan decorations on the walls and bottles from different kinds of imported beer all around the shop which make a combination of uncombinable elements, which build a unique image of the place from the inside.

The shop is equipped with the sound system for playing the music and big screen for watching movies and videos.  

The place presents a combination of cafe and a bar, therefore apart from the beer bottles everywhere around the place has a bar with a good variety of imported alcohol.

From the flag with the name of famous rock bands and the guitar hanging on the wall of the lounge, we can see the owner's love to music.

I personally was happy to see the boxes imported tea from Russia, which smells reminded me of my childhood.  

But of course the diamond of every coffee shop is its own coffee and food and the shop has it in a quite good variety.

The desserts are as beautiful as they are delicious and they are made with love personally by Chaos - one of the two owners of the place.

And there is also a European menu that can make a perfect business lunch.

The owners Chaos and Madame Wang will meet you with their endless hospitality and kindness. Chaos besides being an owner is also a chef,  a talented barista and a master of delicious desserts. The idea of opening the place belongs to him:

"I worked in a bank for last six years, a major one.

Every day was the same as the previous one, I felt my life was meaningless, I just did things that I've been told, and I could predict that it would be the same for next decades until I retire.

I thought this is not the way my life should be. And I kept searching for some other things I can do and do for my own interest.During my working time, I used to go to a cafe for coffee.The owner was very nice and always told me his stories and experience during his career. I felt peace when I talked to him, I do like this feeling, and adore the atmosphere when they make coffee.I understood that I found something right for me. I wanted to be a barista, not only make coffee but also do things I like.So I spend few months searching for a right area and a partner.Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the shop opened in november last year.

Now I am a cafe owner and a primary barista.I'm addicted to the mood when I make coffee and food.I can think anything during my job just for my own good, play rock music, show the movies I like in my shop.

The point is I can plan my own future by my own hand.That's good for me."

Madame Wang as business partner offers all the necessary support to Chaos and manages customers, while Chaos is busy in the kitchen, her kindness, and friendly treatment support the cozy and homelike atmosphere in the shop.

The address of the place: 江岸区解放南路融科天城3期第15-16-17裙楼一层商6室

(Inside the block behind the Starbucks after underground parking lot entrance).

The place is open for activities(birthdays, celebrations, banquettes etc.) and live music performances, to book and coordinate an event simply contact Madame Wang or Chaos:



Madame Wang:13659886939