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I am adobe support and working for adobe support in USA as a technical support provider. We are third party service provider who provides adobe helpline number USA for all the adobe related problems. Our customer care team is always available at 24/7 round a clock you need to just call to Adobe Customer Support Number 1-844-762-3952 for best technical assista
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Adobe Technical Support Phone Number 1-844-762-3952

Adobe Photoshop Customer Service

This might be a possibility thatyou can face errors like this where you can’t activate the Adobe Flash playerfor Safari Browser. In order to resolve such kind of errors, you need to followthe steps which are provided below in the instructions. By following all thosesteps in a proper manner will resolve the issue easily and in case you confrontsome error while following the steps then you have another option to resolvethe issue through Adobe Technical Support Phone Number where you will be assisted by the qualifiedexperts without any hassle.

Youare required to follow the each and every step carefully which are providedbelow in order to resolve the issue.

First, you need to checkthe version of Safari on your Mac

Todo so you have to just choose Safari and then click on About Sari which willdisplay the version of Safari on Mac.

If you have the Version ofsafari 11.0 then just follow the below steps For Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS 10.12,and later

1.  To start the process you need toopen Safari, and then you have to choose Safari > Preferences.

2.  After that, you are required to clickon the Websites tab and then you need to scroll down to the Plug-ins sectionand then just locate the AdobeFlash Player

3.  Now in this step, you have toclick on the checkbox to enable Flash Player.

4.  After the previous step, you haveto select a setting to use for Flash Player which will remain active when youvisit other websites.

5.  You have another option where youcan configure Flash for individual websites. To do so you need to select awebsite listed in this window, and after that, you have to choose among Ask, Off, or On.

6.  Finally, you are required toexit Preferences after finishing configuring Flash Player process.

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As it can be seen that you canrectify the error in Sari while enabling Adobe Flash player and for that, youneed to follow the steps one by one in a strict manner. There is a possibilitythat you may face some error while following the steps and in that case, you canhave the assistance from Adobe Customer Care where certified technicians will help you Iresolving the issue related to Adobe Flash within a short span of time andhassle-free solution.

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