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18-08-27 02:14

How to download the Creative Cloud desktop app

Adobe Flash Player Helpline Number

For those who are very crazy about stressing upon creativityin every aspect, Adobe came up with the Creative Cloud desktop applications.They are specifically a set of applications and services that gives the usersaccess to a collection of software used for graphic designing, video editing,photography and much more. If you are a new user and want to explore the appsthen you need to do the Adobe Flash Player Tech Support Number that canbe completed with the steps given in this blog.

The Adobe creative cloud desktop is an open source of takinginitiatives towards designing and other creative projects. The app can bedownloaded from the official website. Moreover, users can share files in the onlinecommunity via Adobe creative cloud. Let’s have a glance at how to download thedesktop app.

CreativeCloud desktop app download

Step 1: Sign in to your Adobe account with your Adobe ID andpassword

Step 2: In the Creative Cloud apps catalog, click thedownload button on the app you want to download and the process will start

Step 3: Navigate to the file where it has been downloadedthen double click on it to launch the installer.

On Mac: the file will be downloaded with the name as‘installer.dmg’

On a Windows device: the name of the file will be‘set-up.exe’

There is no need to get confused if you see any popups whiledownloading.

Step 4: Once the installer window opens, sign in to yourAdobe account with your Adobe ID and password if you are not signed in

Step 5: A short questionnaire will appear on the screen,fill it up properly and then click on continue

Step 6: Click Start installing to allow the app to install,it will launch after installation automatically.

One thing that must be importantly noted that you mustconsider having a look at the minimum system requirements before downloadingthe desktop app on your respective device. If you confront any hassles duringthe whole process then it is highly suggested to reach out to Adobe Flash Player Customer Service Number where the team of professional technicians will resolve the issues faced by theusers.

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