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How to update Adobe Flash Pla<x>yer for Mac

Update Adobe Flash Player for Mac

It isnecessary to update the software as well as the hardware you use on yourcomputer system on regular basis. Adobe Flash Player is an outstanding pluginwhich is supported on Windows and Mac. But the manufacturers always emphasizeon making the program worth working without any interruptions. If you use AdobeFlash Player on Mac and want to update it to the latest version then you musttry the steps given in this blog. If you have any compatibility issues or otherqueries then it is suggested to reach out to Adobe Tech Support Phone Number thatcan be dialed 24×7 online.

Solution: How to update Adobe Flash Player for Mac

First ofall, check whether you really need an update or not and then only proceed withthe given steps –

Step 1: Go to Apple Menu and click onthe system preferences

Step 2: Choose the Flash player locatedin the bottom left corner

Step 3: Click on updates tab > checknow button

Step 4: If an update is available,click yes to update

Step 5: Go to the Adobe Flash Websiteand download the latest version

Step 6: Click on the large yellowbutton, update now which will prompt a .dmg file to download to your Downloadsfolder

Step 7: Fully quit out of all web browsers,click the downloads folder and then on the Adobe Flash Player.dmg file

Step 8: Double click on the installAdobe Flash icon to install the updates to the player. Confirm by opening thefile that you downloaded from the internet by clicking open.

Step 9: Enter your admin password forthe software to download

Step 10: After the download is finished,you can reopen your browser and continue to the sites using Flash. Also, don’tforget to delete all the files from the downloads folder so as to eliminatefurther errors.

When youare done with the update, try to open a music video where you can check if theflash is doing its work or not. If you get stuck or the update does not getcompleted then you must reach out to AdobeCustomer Supportfor availing information from the trained technicians.

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