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18-05-17 07:00

How to Fix a Flash OCX Error?

If everything is working fine like your screensaver, InstantMessenger or any other graphic based application and it abruptly shows an error of “Could not find the file Flash.ocx”. In that case, you will be required to follow the simple steps to fix the issue and which depends on few things which are described below. In case the problem is still persisting then you can resolve with another option and that is Adobe Technical Support Number where you will be assisted by the certified experts and with a quick response.

1.            What operating system you have installed or upgraded recently

2.            What was the method of installation of new version of Adobe Flash player

3.            It depends on the strength of the screensaver or other applications which are reporting the\”Flash.ocx\” error.

Following the steps which are required to just follow in a proper manner.

You have to rename a Copy of the Most-Recent Adobe Flash Docx file


To begin the process you will be required to just start theWindows Explorer and then find out this file Flash.ocx with the recent date.


After that you will be required to click once on the file icon and then you have to just press “Ctrl+C” and after that, you will be needed to press “Ctrl+V” and it will create the file “Copy of Flash*.ocx”. Its actual name is based on the name of the file you just copied) after that you will be required to click on the new file’s name as the new name.


Now in this step, you have to close all the applications which are open and then you have to reboot the computer in order to check the applications and software are closed.


When you restart the computer you can check now whether the error of Flash.ocx is still there or not. If it has gone then you can skip the remaining steps

If you will follow the above-provided steps in a proper manner then you will be able to resolve the error related to Flash.ocx, but in case you failed to do so and face yet another error in any step then no need to worry as you have another option through Adobe Tech Support Phone Number where certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue. You can avail the service without any kind of a hassle and 24×7 online with a perfect response.

SOURCE URL: -Adobe Customer Care