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How to fix AOL SMTP Error

Simple Mail Transfer protocol is the TCP/IP protocol which is used in transferring email either sending or receiving them. Setting up SMTP is necessary for delivering the message in AOL webmail services. If an email doesn’t use SMTP server, you will not be able to send an email. In order to fix any issue with SMTP server, you must connect with the technical experts via AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 who are online all day long without time and location constraints. The customer care operatives who have full knowledge about SMTP server and the issues connected with them will solve the issue within seconds.

Steps to fix AOL SMTP Error

To eradicate the error from the roots you need to follow some solution steps which are mentioned in this blog:

Open the AOL email

Click on Tools menu then select ‘Account’ option

Tap on your AOL email account and then click to open Properties

Click on the General tab from the properties

Double check your email address to ensure it is your valid address or not

Then select Servers tab and open it

Recheck your ‘Account name’ and the make sure that the password mentioned there is your correct password for this account

Be sure to uncheck the box for ‘Log on using Secure password authentication’

If require check the box for “ My server requires authentication”

Now open the Security tab

Choose if you want to use ‘name setting as an incoming server for mail’ under Log on info

There is another way that is to enter Account name and password in ‘Log on using’ section

After applying the changes just log out of the email and re-login to send a mail and check if the error is resolved or not

Performing the task as given is quite impossible for the laymen and tech geek too. To clear the mess you must interact with AOL technical support number who have profound knowledge about AOL. They are proficient enough to fix and annihilate any kind of bug that is bothering you and your work. The door to avail their service is open 24 hours a day in a year.

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