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18-07-19 01:41

Verizon move to AOL Mail

For all AOL email users, there is a news that Verizon has switched from the email business. It has moved to AOL mail and those users who are unable to switch their account they can find help via experts. Now those users who have an account on Verizon mail and wants to continue their account they can move it to the AOL webmail. Without any issue, users can reach out to the customer care for more information. To get in touch with customer care team you can ring on the AOL customer care 1-800-234-6190. With the help of experts, the technical team will resolve your all issues as soon as possible. There is some question which usually asked by the consumers, let’s see what are they.

The reason why Verizon move to AOL mail?

  • The Verizon has decided they will focus on TV and internet service because now there are more capable email services are available in the market.  

  • When there is so many capable email service provider then it would be better to get out of the webmail business and focus on the other side.

Verizon email accounts are no longer in use:

  • Those users of Verizon mail who haven’t moved their data, address book and Calendars to AOL Mail cannot access it again.

  • If you have moved your details before 15 December 2017, then you can continue your account via AOL but if not there is no other option for you.

Flaws of AOL with Verizon email account:

  • As you know the Verizon has moved to AOL, but there are some snags appears which can cause trouble for other users.

  • Sign in error with AOL email when users enter email address.

  • Address book & Calendars are missing from an email account.

Way to fix the snags which appear with AOL mail:

If the users of AOL email user face any kind of problem then they can simply get in touch with the customer support team. You can opt for troubleshooting experts and resolve all issues within limited time through AOL technical support. Service of customer care is 24/7 offered for its users that means you can fix issues anytime you require help.

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