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18-06-15 02:41

How to recover deleted email from AOL account

Sometimes it happens that AOL email need to access important information but they cannot because they accidentally deleted the email. The AOL email users usually look for help to recover the deleted email from AOL account. When the users of AOL face trouble due to deleted mail from AOL account, they can perform the troubleshooting steps given on this blog. Although the steps are simple to follow yet some users get confused. But you don’t need to be confused because you can get in touch with customer care. Through AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 users can get help and recover their deleted email. Here the point you should notice is the deleted email send to “Recently Deleted” folder and here the message remains for 24 hours only. After 24 hours users need to get help via third-party software.

Recovery steps for deleted email

Step 1.

First of all, you need to log in to AOL email account.

Step 2.

Now go to the “Recently Deleted” folder and open it. It is located on the left panel of the Mail window

Step 3.

Click on the box which is located next to the message which you want to recover.

Step 4.

Now you need to tap on “Restore” button.

Step 5.

If you don’t find the deleted email in this folder that means mail is older than 24 hours. Now you will have to restore older mail by the help of third-party software “ePreserver Recovery, Data Recovery Pro, and Instant File Recovery.”

Step 6.

According to manufacturer’s instructions you have to install and configure the third party software on your computer.

Step 7.

After configuration, wait for software cached file scanning on your computer. Once you have completed the scanning, select the files which one you want to restore.

Step 8.

Make sure the email you have to recover has opened by you, if not then this software will not help you to recover the email.

When you failed to recover the deleted email on AOL account by using this software then you need to get in touch with customer care team. Via AOL tech support number users can reach to experts anytime. Through this number, AOL email users can ask the technical team to recover deleted mail. Customer care team of AOL is always ready to assists its customers to fixed their issues.

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