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17-06-15 11:31

How to be a rewarded blogger on WuhanTime and win a prize!

Write about the city, write about your stories, write for your joy, write to share knowledge, and write to help others. Writing is supposed to be an enjoyable moment, and your good writing is deserved to be recognized, and rewarded.

As Wuhan's international web portal since 2004, WuhanTime warmly encourage everyone to write. Our blog ( is the only open platform for international writers in Wuhan. Just register for an username and feel free to post. We are happy to pay 50-300rmb if your post is selected by our wechat account wuhantimers. You may be the winner of our annual Wuhan writing contest and win a handsome prize!

We will also make recommendations to our media partners across the region and even whole China.

What's more, if you have an interesting topic in mind and need our help in like arranging an interview, building contacts, or event get you  financed by working with our partners across the city, just feel free to contact us at We'd like to provide any assistance we can!

We especially welcome the following topics: City and China life guide, your personal stories that are connected with the city and city development, special insights to certain issues of China or Wuhan.

Please do not spam, advertise, no political or offensive topics.

5 Steps to post a Wuhantime blog:

1. Open on your computer or laptop (Not your phone)

2. Create an account

3. Go to and click 'post a blog'

4. Enter title, select a category and then edit your post here. You can upload your photos. Don't forget to upload a thumbnail photo.

5. Click 'Submit' and it's done! You can also share it to your wechat by click on the wechat button and scan the qr code.

We care about your works and we are waiting to be your fan!