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17-07-31 12:29

Tell you a different Wuhan through the eyes of German and Chinese photographers

Source: 07/27/2017 05:07:43

On July 25, the exhibition with the theme of “in the eyes of German and Chinese photographers” was held at the Wuhan Museum of Fine Arts. Peter Bialobrzeski, a famous photographer and professor at the Bremen Art Academy, completed a series of photographic works about Wuhan and its rapid development over a period of 20 days.

During these 20 days, he plunged into the most ordinary and the most frequented places for the locals. The roadside stands, the narrow streets and the old buildings were presented in his photos.

In addition, the works of Tang Jing, a local Wuhan photographer, were also exhibited to show the charm of Wuhan.

This exhibition is scheduled until August 17 with free charge.

( by Ruan Xinqi)