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6 Easy Steps to Enable Class Tracking Option in QuickBooks

The accounting software QuickBooks hasapprox. 2.2 million users due to its excellent features. To run your businesssmoothly you can install this amazing software that will help to keep an eye on your business all the time. Well, if youwant to enable the class tracking option in your QuickBooks software then youcan perform given steps. In case you get confused or need help call on Quickbooks Tech Support Number 1-844-794-2515. Through this toll-free number, you can ask trained experts forassistance. The experts will resolve your problem. Now have a focus on thegiven instructions.

Way to enable class tracking option:

Step 1: Openthe QuickBooks software and then go to the edit option. Now go to the subcategory & click on “Class tracking” feature.

Step 2: Click on this feature after select thepreference button. Choose the option “Use Class Tracking” by clicking “Ok.”

Step 3: Nowyou will have to open the drop-down menu to select the class category. Thiswill be located at the menu bar.

Step 4: Justnext to the class button you will get an arrow tap. Click on it and select the optionto create a new class.

Step 5: Enterthe name into the class and select the subclass. Now enter the completedetails.

Step 6: Selectthe same expense input and add it to theclass. Now you can track the QuickBooks software transitions via just oneclick.

Finally, you have done! You have successfully enabled the Class tracking option in yourQuickBooks software. But if you have any trouble than simply contact customer care team. Via Quickbooks Customer Care you can reach to experts and askthem for help. With the help of trainedand experienced experts, you find a completesolution for QuickBooks related issues. Now you don’t need to worry when expertsin customer care are ready to help you with troubleshooting the QuickBooks softwarehitches. The service of customer care is 24x7available for fix it. You can reach to them anytime you need their assistance.

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