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Some will warn about too many cooks and the prospect of London looking over his shoulder. But O who will coach tight ends, has no designs on London job. This isn a long term gig, and O knows his task is to bring his Marine sensibilities and discipline he a 1971 Naval Academy graduate to the operation..

"It would be really tough for me to play in the NBA," Louden said. ''There's so much competition. I think playing overseas would be better for me. The Hillary Clinton they mentioned is not someone we recognize. They want us to forget her history of trying to defame and denigrate women who accused her husband of sexual harassment, to forget her lies to parents of those who were murdered on her watch in Benghazi, to make believe we never heard the director of the FBI contradict almost everything she told the American people during the investigation of her e mail server. She may not have been indicted, but she was accused of carelessness and reckless behavior with state secrets..

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And the total number of jobs in September was nearly 5.5 million higher than when Obama was first sworn in. Four times more jobs have been added under Obama than were gained in George W. Bush eight years in office. Helen O. Williams, 95, passed away in Fort Myers, Fla., on March 20, 2006. She was the daughter of William Clarence O'Connell and Ella Maria Sale O'Connell.

Jeffers Schmidt spoke of Henderson's past in asking that Spruill not show any leniency.Caprio talked of his client's personal and academic achievements. William and Mary assistant football coach Phil Janaro, Henderson's position coach, also spoke on his behalf."After all is said and done, Lancaster County will be proud of Aurelius Henderson," Caprio said. "I know they aren't now, but I think they will be.

South Carolina (31 1) heads the Sioux Falls Regional and is the second overall seed in the tournament. The Gamecocks' lone loss came to UConn, and they seem to have a fairly smooth path to Indianapolis, as they're placed in a bracket with Arizona State, Ohio State and Syracuse. No obvious threats to Dawn Staley's team, which seeks its second straight trip to the Final Four after reaching the national semis for the first time last year..

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