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18-05-18 12:50

Unableto send Emails from my Yahoo Account?

Yahoomail is one of the famous webmail which has been used by people. This email hasmillions of users due to its amazing features. Still due to hassles of Yahooemail users required technical support team. Through the Yahoo customer support number 1-844-794-2515 customer will able tosort out their email issues. The most common problem faced by Yahoo email usersare unable to send an email. Behind this problem, there may be some issues which need to be resolved. Onthis blog you will find troubleshoot steps through you will sort out the emailsending problem.

2.     Goto the draft folder and check if your email message is saved as a draft instead of sent.

4.     Confirmthe email address you have entered is authentic.

6.     Tryto open the email from another browser.

8.     Deletethe cookies, browser history and junk files from your desktop.

10.                       Now again try to send an email via Yahoo Mail

Ifyou are unable to send email through Yahoo Mail then ask your experts to help.Via the team of customer care, you willeasily resolve the email sending error. Without hesitation ask your customercare team to solve this problem. To reach the tech support you can opt for Yahoo tech support number. This numberis 24 X 7 reachable for its customers. You don’t need to take stress now whencustomer care is here to help you. Related to Yahoo mail any kind of problemwill be fixed all the time.

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