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18-06-09 01:16

Yahoo mail introduced a newinterface for best user experience

Yahooemail is one of the oldest emailing services. It started for making the userinteraction process more comfortable regardless of time and boundaries. With the introduction of thisemail, people worldwide started adopting it and soon it became famous. Yahooalways works on making the user experience more commendable and easier in termsof better interface. Recently, this email service introduced new interface andif you are unaware of that then you must connect with Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 for further informationregarding the new interface.

Yahoomail has declared huge changes in its interface including a revamped outline,modernized themes and much more. Some of the new additions are mentioned below.

Refreshed designs – The email interface has become cleaner and easierto use with many updates to the layout. Themes can be personalized with lessclutter and a new set of emoticons toexpress your emotions.

Faster searching – you can effortlessly search what you need in the more organized way. With the photos anddocument view, you can conveniently seeall the attachments. The interface has become faster and more responsive. Evenyou can go for the rich preview.

Personalize your inbox according toyour preferences – you cancustomize your Yahoo email with the help of simple and easy settings. Even youcan choose the inbox that suits you best. However,if you fed up quite easily then you can always switch to the classic mail atthe bottom.

The configurationhas also been refreshed for smoother experience – users can experience better functioning

Accessible for global Englishdialect clients – users withglobal English dialect can use it

Withso many newer additions, Yahoo has made the emailing experience more simplifiedand interesting for its users. You can enjoy your Yahoo mail from a desktopbrowser or even through your mobile device be it mobile phone or tablet. If youfind yourself unable to use the new feature additions then you must reach outto Yahoo tech support  number  for further and instant assistance. You will be guided by the expert team inusing the features in the best possibleway and changing them as per your requirements.

SourceURL: Yahoo Technical Support