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18-04-20 11:03

How to Enter Settings Mode in Yahoo Mobile Mail

We are in the technology worldwhere everything is hi-tech and everyone is looking for sophisticated technology-based products and services. There are several email serviceproviders from across the world, but Yahoo can be known as one of the bestemail service provider in the world with millions of users are there. If youever face problem in changing the settings mode in Yahoo Mobile Mail, then youshould not worry as you can resolve the issue by following the steps below oreven then you face some error then there is another way and that is Yahoo Technical Support Phone Number where you will beassisted by the qualified technicians within a short span of time and withoutany hassle.

There is the solution for youin order to resolve the issue-

Opening Settings: To start the process you shouldfirst open the settings of Yahoo mail App, and then tap the menu icon which canbe found in the upper right corner and after that, you have to scroll down andjust tap on the settings option. Some versions might have not the Settingoption and in place of that ‘Options’ might have there. If you are using‘qwerty’ keypad then you can pull up the menu by just pressing the menu button.You can change even the theme by simply clicking on ‘Themes’ button as there isno theme option is available in mail settings

Mobile Mail on the Web: To change thesetting in Yahoo App through the phone browser is just like an app and to do soyou need to tap the menu icon which can be found in the corner, and just afterthat, you have to select the ‘Options’. You can see how the options whichinclude one and that is asking the information before any kind of deletion ofthe message or marking them as spam or if you want to hide the messagepreviews, there are some other options too which can help you in resolving theerror.

By following the steps you canresolve the issue in an easy way but you have to keep one thing in the mindthat you have to follow the steps in a strict manner. In case you failed to doso then there is another option for you in the form of Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number where you will beassisted by the qualified technicians without any delay and with an accurateresponse.

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