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How to do Yahoo SMTP Settings for Email

Simple MailTransfer Protocol or SMTP is a server provided by Yahoo so that you can use theemail application of your choice of co, computer or mobile device. You can sendmessages anytime after setting SMTP as the outgoing server in your emailprogram. Yahoo provides different SMTP settings for people with the standard aswell as Business accounts. You can do the settings yourself with thetroubleshooting guide provided in this blog or take help from the experts thatare available 24×7 on the Yahoo Customer Support Number for theresolution of your queries.

This mail is one of the top shelf email providers which comesafter the popular ones like Gmail and Outlook. The SMTP settings will involvethe server address name, username, password, port number, and authentication,so be ready with these. If you will follow the below guide properly, you cansolve the issue yourself.

Solution: Yahoo SMTP settingsfor Email

The settingsare similar for both – POP and IMAP accounts. In most cases, you have to enterthem in the ‘settings’ sections provided by your email client. Follow the stepsto do the settings:

Step 1: Open youremail application and create a new account

Step 2: Set upthe account as you normally would, enter your full name and Yahoo emailaddress.

Step 3: Type‘’ into the text field for the outgoing mail.

Step 4: Enter‘465’ as the port number for the server

Step 5: Enable SSLauthentication for the SMTP connection.

Step 6: Type your fullYahoo email address into the box provided for entering details

Step 7: Enteryour password and save settings.

Step 8: sometimes,you might require an alternative port number, so enter ‘587’

Doing thesettings by following the guide is quite easy as it seems, you must not skipany of the steps so as to ensure the settings are properly done. In case if youfind it difficult, do get in touch with Yahoo Customer Service phone number for guidance regarding the solution of the issue. Thecertified technicians will help you out in the best possible way and they canbe contacted anytime of the day or from anywhere.

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