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Maglioccola Jan 15, 2016
Last night i was in this restaurant for a dinner and was really nice to enjoy my eating time here. Firstly i have to say that in this place i was surprice about the good service of the attendants because they suggest you what you can order in reference about what you like to eat. Generally when i go to eat at restaurant in China not order all the foods together because they serve you all together. So the risk is that they serve the icecream or the sweet before the main coirse. In this case i was happy to be served really as in foreign style and the attendant was so carefull to respect the sequence and waiting when i was finished to eat one dish to serve the next. I have choice to eat the italian classical food that they have in the menu. Here a good surprice to see as you can order different kind ofast and can combinate with different kind of souce. The taste was appreciable and sure is realized with high quality of ingredients. But i have to say that maybe they don't care about the cost Of the dish because for example have used too much oil as on the pasta and also put the olive oil (from the taste i think is extra vergin olive oil) on italian ham. But that not is problem. I think in this restaurant the most important thing is the environment. Here you can chat eat and talk with the attendants the management of the restaurant and they are very happy to listen your suggestion. I already sayd to them what they can add in their menu so maybe in future i can go there to eat anythink they can do for me. So as Really professional restaurant and warmly place with the compliment of me I like To join again my eating time in this place with More friends every time.
umarash2010 Jan 13, 2016
Its been since long i have tasted such delicate and delicious taste of international cuisines because there are variety of zesty dishes in China. Bernstein's offer international cuisines which someone can desire to munch under one roof. I met with owner of the restaurant. Her demeanor was so polite as she was also prolific in english language. She introduces me the luxury dishes and the the gesture of the serving staff and the presentation of the dishes along with the taste was perfect. You can find pizza variety of sea food veggie and seafood soups chicken beef pork cocktailsjuices etc.
It is complete place for the expats especially. I would like to recommend this place for the foreigners. Go there and munch at least once you will surely love it !!
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