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AOL Live Help

AOL Email has become the most used webmail services in the world. Due to its mind blogging features and easy accessibility its demand has increased and is still growing. Sometimes while using it users all around the world face some technical and performances glitches which can be easily solved by taking help from the support team. You can reach them at AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 which is available all day long irrespective of time and location.

AOL Email came into existence in the year 1993 and was developed by AOL, a division of Verizon Communication. It is free to email service which is platform independent and is compatible with all devices and browser. It is known for its exciting features which are:

Features of AOL Email

25 MB is the email attachment size

Large Mailbox size that is maxed 250GB

It supports protocols like POP3, SMTP, and IMAP

Linking to the other webmail services can be done easily

Protection against Spam and virus

Spelling checker

A wide range of emoji are also supported

AOL Inactivity

If the user does not use their AOL email account for 90 days then it can be deactivated and get deleted after 180 days. If you ever witness this then be sure to avail AOL Live Help where you will be provided with all information about this email.

Hiccups in AOL Email

While accessing this mail user come across some hitches that can be related to email transfer, account login, and many more which are really frustrating at times. Some very common issues that you can encounter are:

Unable to login to account because of wrong username and password

Cant reset the password

Unable to read and compose AOL email

The problem in sending and receiving mail

Unable to upload or download the attachment

Issue while blocking an unwanted email address

Getting error code while sign-up

These issues can be rectified very easily by getting in touch with AOL tech support number who are online 24x7. The team of experts are highly qualified and are certified in solving any issue related to AOL email.  They are known for their polite behavior and giving prompt services to the users.

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