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How to fix hacked Yahoo account

Hackinghas become a burning issue these days, you can hear some or other person beingaffected with their email account being hacked. Same is the case with Yahooemail users as they often suspect unknown activities in their accounts. If yourYahoo account has also been hacked then you need to instantly reach out to Yahoocustomer care number 1-844-794-2515 for taking guidance from theexperts to get your hacked email back.

Ifyour account is hacked, the first thing you have to ensure that, are you ableto access your account? If yes, then quickly change the password to the strongone. Immediately request a password reset using the Password Helper. You can also try some methods givenunder.

Fixing Hacked Yahoo account

·       Look for signs of a hacked account: if there are any spam and other messages sent fromyour account that you did not send orsome emails have been deleted then theseare the signs of compromised account

·       Report suspicious activity: don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activityyou find with your account. Click the ‘My account’ button on the help page andfollow the on-screen guide.

<p CxSpLast" style="text-align:justify">·       Avoid future hacks: it is recommended to use antivirus software andalso keep it updated. Do not share personal information over the internet andbe aware of email scams and never click on any links in the messages.

Todecrease the chances of your account being hacked, change your password oftenand never set a guessable or obvious password. For more information, you cantake guidance from Yahoo customer service number that stays available 24x7 online.

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