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How to boost performance of yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is a greatplatform for people to send information on electronic devices through mail.There are enormously many advantages of yahoo mail which can be accessed bypeople like- has the most storage for free , saves the hard disk space, whileusing messenger you can chat without downloading anything, calendar servicescan be used for free, scans your emails for viruses. But there are some performanceissues too which users experience so as to resolve these shortcomings you canalways contact Yahoo customer care 1-844-794-2515.They are available 24x7 to help the people. Performance issue can be witnessedby you because it has lots ads in their page, if you have a backlog of mails,as it automatically save or update the program.

It is quite common toface issues with Yahoo Mail. Problems like mail not working, emails not beingsent, password reset, login issues and many more occur frequently with users.But they can always try to troubleshoot the issue by themselves by followingsimple steps.

Solution: How to boost performanceof yahoo mail

You can always boostthe performance of your Yahoo mail by following simple steps-:

·       Always use search bar – For searchingany mail, document and image you can use search tab which can make your taskeasier.

·       Avoid unwanted mails- If you are stillreceiving unwanted mails you can avoid mail from particular sender by using“more” menu which is available in your inbox.

Still if you are facingsome glitch while using Yahoo mail at any time of day  just take help from team of experts bycalling them at Yahoo customer service number,they will provide you better solution and assist you in every step so that youcan resolve the performance based issue. The support team stays available 24hours of the day online for the resolution of customer queries.

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