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Apple Tech Support Phone Number Australia 1800-870-120

Apple Support Australia

iCloud is one of the prominently used storage services usedby masses worldwide. Despite many amazing benefits, this application has someof the technical glitches too that the users often face from time to time. Onesuch snag is of error 2343, you can connect with Apple Customer Care Phone Number Australia to resolve the error instantly. The experts will guide you withthe best fixture.

The iCloud error 2343 appears on your device when youattempt to remove or uninstall the iCloud application on your Windows computer.It happens specifically due to the unsuitable version of Microsoft Office thatis installed in your device. The simplest way to get the issue resolved is touninstall the MS office and then reinstalling it. But the issue is severe andneeds to be rectified properly through the troubleshooting steps given in thisblog.

Main reasons for the error:

  • Misconfigured settings of the iCloud account

  • Internet disconnection

  • Firewall settings

  • Antivirus prohibition

  • Incompatible version of iCloud

  • Incorrect login credentials

How to fix error code 2343

Update iCloud: Make sure that you are using thelatest updated version of iCloud on your device, if not, then get one and dothe needful to exclude the error totally.

Uninstall MS Office: you can try to uninstallthe MS Office initially to fix the error and when everything seems well, youcan install it. Doing this way will help you rectify the issue without manyefforts. To uninstall:

  • Right click and open the control panel

  • Click uninstall a program in a category view

  • Navigate to the office and uninstall it

  • Restart your computer

Create Registry edit: many users tried thatediting the registry fixes the error. Often the registry entry gets deleted andyou find that the iCloud error arise.

If you still find that even after performing theabove-mentioned steps, the problem does not get resolved then it is recommendedto get in touch with Apple Customer Service Phone number Australia that stays available 24 hours of theday online. The technical executives will precisely fix the error ensuring thatit might not occur again.

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