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First Wuhan expats expo? Brainstorming!
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Mar 09, 2016
End Date : Sep 09, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : Multi-day event

How about an expo in Wuhan for all expats in the city, or even in whole China? With the support from our partners and experts in the industry, we now may have the opportunity to finally pull it off in 2016.


We want it to be:

1. Imagined, designed and executed by foreigners in Wuhan and China, by working together with our Chinese partners.

2. Provide opportunities to those who never had before. It means low cost, high efficiency, better promotion, accessible to everyone. Students, independent artists, start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, all welcome!

3. It will be a series of expos and can cover the areas of trading, investment, technology, arts, culture, food, travel, jobs, entrepreneurship... probably everything

4. The first expo is planned to happen in August, 2016, Wuhan, China.


1. 在本地合作伙伴的帮助下,由国际人士共同创意,设计,执行。这或许将是武汉第一个真正的“国际化”博览会

2. 低成本,高效率,让更多的人能有机会参与进来。打工族,学生,独立艺术家,创业企业都欢迎。

3. 主题可以覆盖贸易,艺术,文化,美食,工作,旅游,创业,几乎所有事情

Please share us your ideas and suggestions by email to us at wuhantime.com@gmail.com or post at: http://www.wuhantime.com/forum/viewthread.php?id=5&tid=14881

We may be able to make your dream come true.

You are welcome to be a member of the planning team!


Getting all expats connected is always the dream of WuhanTime.

Getting all expats and Chinese connected is always the dream of WuhanTime.


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