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Headset vendor up from $10m reduction in 2017 to $2m income due to success of Fortnite and PUBG 2

The two Battle Royale titles have brought new customers to your industry, and Turtle Beach by extension, with Stark noting "much higher headset attach rates than we've got historically experienced". In the investor call, he elaborated that Battle Royale is driving development in Fortnite Traps .

"The first is people who have existing Xbox and PlayStations are playing first-person shooters, some of them are using headsets maybe more after a while," he stated. "But we suspect which the attach rate on Fortnite and Battle Royale games is even higher than it really is on first-person shooters.

"Because it is just a survival game, the audio cues really are important, if you are not playing over a team, and after that there can be a lot of play like there exists in first-person shooters. So that's sort of if you look at they like the core gamers, the majority of them are using headsets, even so the attach rate could even be somewhat higher from Battle Royale."

The second spike he observed was the volume of console gamers who usually play titles like Fortnite Items and 2K's sports titles, and definitely will invest in the headset since they shift towards Fortnite along with the like. Finally, he explained new gamers are buying PlayStation 4 and Xbox One particularly for Battle Royale titles and "getting headsets at reasonably good attach rates."

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