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Monkey kings subdued to law in Wuhan

As we reported yesterday, Monkey kings have caused public complaints and formed a kind of 'bio hazard' in Wuhan.

Today, Wuhan police has been giving law propaganda to them and they all agree to cease causing trouble to the public. Some monkey kings self-claimed to be deaf used hand languages.

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汉网     当天,东湖公安分局磨山派出所民警在东湖樱园门口,召集几名聋哑人“孙悟空”扮演者,用笔纸交流方式进行法制宣传,纸条上写了“请注意维护旅游秩序,不要强行拉客收费,扰乱滋事将依法处罚”等内容。几名“孙悟空”当即用手势表示要遵纪守法。

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