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bamboo floor

Bamboo floor in use, because air humidity produces change, bamboo floor appeared bug eat by moth, guarantee according to national timber floor byelaw WB/T 1017-2002, discover bug eat by moth should change floor, if individual floor board has not join a bug wood, just change freely by construction floor, if bedding face accumulates floor bug wood, belong to maintain responsibility, be in charge of by the user, the beard is paid change floor.

Bamboo floor is carrying a process medium or in laid process, because do not take care to be able to cause floor damaged, be like local the floor board that meets the hard injury of horn, board face, that touch mark to discover collision damaged when laid can be in its laid wall edge or floor decide laid indoors two-terminal, lest waste material.

Bamboo floor is used in because do not take care to be able to cause board face damaged, if local surface flakes, board face hard injury, nick, touch mark, cigarette to iron burn mark, knife mark to wait to all be belonged to blame is normal safeguard, the user should be strengthened safeguard.

Bamboo floor is in when making because intensity of moisture content, agglutination is unqualified, what can create a floor board in the be affected with damp be affected with damp when using or drying shrinkage is statified, make bamboo floor discards as useless, belong to; of serious quality problem

Guarantee according to national timber floor byelaw WB/T 1017-2002, bamboo floor appeared statified, detect the floor that exceeds bid should be given by laid unit local change.

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