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Wuhan Pet Adoption Day: Do it right!

    Do you have a pet? A four-pawed little creature that always meets you at the door when you come back after a long day? Not all of us do, however, many of us love our little brothers and take care of them.In Wuhan as in many cities in the world, it is kinda fashionable to buy expensive well-bred dogs and cats so when I heard about this event I was very excited. Because adoption is an absolutely different thing - it is a charity, helping those animals who got deprived of their homes to find good families and homes. This makes a big difference.

    The Wuhan Pet Adoption Day was organized by Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association with the support of Marriott International, Renaissance, The Westin Wuhan and Sheraton Grand. It took place at the Qu Yuan Plaza at the beginning of Han Street, not very far from Han Show Theater. The event aimed to help our little brothers and sisters find their new homes.

The event had different animals with different stories. For example, this little sweet creature on the picture cannot walk because of the broken spine. But it was taken a good care of, so whenever someone would approach her she would greet this person with her cheerful smile and endless cuteness showing her love to people.

Other animals patiently waited for their new owners in the hands of their mentors or in cages:

Despite the fact that it is a very hot time of the year in Wuhan and taking animals out on the street would bring them a great deal of discomfort in such a hot weather, Wuhan weather was very merciful to our little friends and it wasn't as hot as usual, therefore animals seemed to feel more or less comfortable. Besides the animals themselves nearby you could find all the needed stuff for keeping the pet: collars, bowls,  toys, food, blankets etc... and buy it right there right at that time, which made the adoption process for people much easier.

I, personally, believe that the more we have such events in Wuhan, the better. It will help to reduce the number of abandoned animals on the streets of Wuhan, will help someone to find a good friend, will help an animal to find a home and a loving owner.

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