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Wuhan to abolish ETC- the bridge tolls

Today, Wuhan municipal government announced the abolishment of ETC, effective from Jan 1, 2018.

ETC, stands for Electronic Toll Collection, is the tolls charged on all vehicles crossing bridges (Except the first bridge) over Yangtze and Han river within Wuhan city. It was initiated in 2011 and cost 8rmb for the drivers each time they crossed the bridges. Before that drivers pays around 800rmb as an annual bridge toll (The price is now around 2000rmb).

It has been a contradictive topic with heated debates since its initiation, mostly between drivers have different frequency of needs to cross the rivers.

The city leaders believe the abolishment of ETC will help the integration of different parts of the city which are divided by the rivers, so to boost the local economy. However, some people worry about the increasing traffic jam and decreasing .

Reported by WuhanTime

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