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Free Chinese Classes Opened in Wuhan City!
Area : No Limit
Address : Room 409 Rear Building of Changhang Building No.8 Dongting Street Jiang’an District Wuhan
Begin Date : Oct 16, 2017
End Date : Oct 16, 2017
Detail Time : 10-09-2017 to 12-31-2017
Free : Yes
Price : non profit
Freq. : Multi-day event

After days of careful preparation by Resa Chinese Class and warmpromotion by international friends, the large public welfare project, Resa FreeChinese Class was opened on October 9th. The foreign friends fromBrazil, Morocco, Djibouti, Ecuador, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Libya, Congo andBolivia, attended the classes. Let’s see the photos of their wonderful classes!

Afterclass, the foreign friends said they liked the teaching style of Ms. Lu and Ms.Wang, the professional teachers. They thought the classes were useful andinteresting and they learned a lot from the classes. They also said thisnon-profit project was great because it helped more foreigners to settle downin Wuhan and experience the Chinese culture.

ResaChinese Class states that they will keep carrying this free Chinese course. Theyhope more and more foreigners can get to know Wuhan and learn mandarin with thehelp of Resa Chinese Class.

Free ChineseCourse is keeping moving! Welcome to join it !

Location: Room 409,Rear Building of Changhang Building, No.8 Dongting Street, Jiang’an District

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