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The Difference Between The Paddy Husker Machine Foreign or Domestic

The Difference Between The Paddy Husker Machine Foreign or Domestic

The main differences between the foreign Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) and the domestic paddy husker can be summarized as follows:

(1) The structure of the paddy husker is different

The pneumatic tension roller is used abroad, the structure is simple, the whole system has a high degree of automation, and it can maintain a certain rolling distance and rolling pressure after the grain flow change and the rubber roller wear, and the ideal shelling rate is obtained; the domestic mechanical pressure is adopted. The clamping roller mechanism and the electromechanical rubber roller automatic clutch mechanism are used to realize the above process, which can ensure stable roller pressure and low cost.

(2) Different transmission structure

The foreign belt is driven by a single belt (flat belt, hexagonal belt, timing belt). The transmission structure is simple and stable. The speed change is achieved by changing different rubber roller pulleys and changing fast and slow rollers to maintain reasonable line speed and speed difference. The combination of gearbox and belt drive, firstly through the shifting, and then the rubber belt driven by the V-belt, can change the speed of the roller according to the wear of the roller diameter and alternate the fast and slow rollers to ensure that the two rollers have reasonable line speeds at different diameters. And the line speed difference, easy to operate, because the rubber roller is clamped once until it is used up, eliminating the labor and time of multiple roll change, but the structure is complicated, the processing cost is high, and the noise is large.

(3) Different chaff analysis devices

The chaff analysis device is used abroad, which is located at the base of the rice husker machine. The self-contained fan adopts a blown-out structure; the domestic separation device adopts a vertical air duct, a horn type suction port, and the fish scale hole is automatically graded and eliminated, and the front and rear sides are air-introduced.

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