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Unable to pass 2 step verification in AOL

Areyou facing any issue with the verification process related to AOL email? Thenyou are at right place to resolve such issue. In this blog, you will understandeverything related to the two step verification. You either can go through thegiven solution or take help of AOL customer care number anytime.

What is two-step verification?

Whenyou use a password, that is one step verification. The another step is a codesent to your phone. It is an easy yet strong addition to make your account moresecured. It works when you enter your password and AOL sends a short, numericsign in code to your phone through text or call. When you enter it, then theprocess gets completed.

Solution: How to pass the two-stepverification

Step 1: Firstly, go to aol.com and sign into your account

Step 2: Click login or join

Step 3: Enter your Username and click next

Step 4: Enter your password and click sign in.

Onceyou sign in, you will be taken back to aol.com, where you can navigate to youraccount settings, profile and recovery information.

Step 5: Click your profile name, if asked, enter youraccount security question and click continue.

Step 6: when you see the account setting page, under accountsecurity, click set-up in the two step verification box.

Step 7: on the page that opens, click ‘get started’, enter anumber where you can instantly get the code. Choose to receive the code by callor text.

Step 8: Once received, enter the code and click ‘save’

Step 9: If you see the personal info page, then beside ‘twostep verification’ click the toggle button to turn it on, enter your mobilenumber, click send SMS or call me to get the code.

Step 10: Enter the code and click verify.

Incase if you still face any issues to pass the two-step verification processthen directly get in touch with AOL customer support number which is always available online 24 hours of the day. Thetechnicians will resolve your query related to the verification process.

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