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Reasonable Control of Electricity Consumption in Rice Destoner

In the process of Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment, energy consumption is an inevitable phenomenon. In order to control the energy use of rice destoner equipment, we must first understand the use of energy in rice destoner equipment, so as to improve rice processing. The production efficiency of the equipment, below, the manufacturer of rice destoner equipment to give you a detailed introduction to the control of the energy of rice destoner equipment.

How do we control the amount of electricity used when using rice destoner equipment?

1. By dividing energy use into different periods, the energy-intensive production process can be placed in a period of low electricity consumption rate. This method may only be applied to a few secondary production processes during the operation of processing equipment. These include the grinding of by-products from grain cleaning to bran comminution, and the transfer of unprocessed rice from the storage to the mixing tank. Since the rated power is usually dependent on the peak power, it can be operated simultaneously to fine-tune the energy use.

2. Processing rice destoner equipment When energy consumption is high, power measurement is also a cooperative method to indicate production operations, which means that any investment in production should be concentrated in the part that can be quickly paid back, strict implementation of equipment maintenance plan Reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase production efficiency. Only by strictly observing the safety production system can the accidents be reduced to a large extent and equipment utilization can be improved.

3. In order to control the consumption of energy in the production process of rice destoner equipment, the use of electricity should be well known. Therefore, a workshop should be subdivided into several workshop departments or sub-processes as accurately as possible. The electricity required by these sub-processes can pass. The measurement method of the integer power is accurately determined.

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