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Why is the Path of Exile developer not nervous about releasing the game’s Diablo 4

The nature of the challenges these leagues bring depends on the factors that drive the grinding of the gear game at a particular moment. One of the last year's leagues, Delve, let you wander in a deep mine and hold a small light source on the cart to stop your health from disappearing. The inspiration behind this is from an old-fashioned Flash game called Motherload that lets you explore a obviously less dangerous or actually trophy. Another alliance called Bestiary gets inspiration from Pokémon and is less crazy about capturing monsters.

This year, however, Grinding Gear Games found itself looking for inspiration. Before the release of the Path of Exile Corps this month, Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, told me that this was a violation of the Path of Exile in 2016.

Like Breach, Legion can even target players who stumble about the portal and kill enemies in parallel. However, the real difference between the Legion is that it helps make the most of your desires to have the Horde if you can ,. Areas, each that has a single block which could send you to dimensions. When you arrive, you will see that the two armies are stuck the conflict, although the time is suspended. It's up to you to determine how many people you would like to Eliminated the eternal conflict area, but your desire to have loot and POE PS4 Currency can readily lead to your sensitivity errors.

"On the mechanical side, we know that we want to create a similar version of Breach," Wilson recalls. “We want to meet things of that size and scale. We want to give users more agents in these encounters. And, basically, they get the same rewards when they violate them, but they are further improved. So once we know We hope that certain things can work mechanically, so the theme of Wraeclast's various military themes is perfect, because it allows us to explore some of the iconic characters of Path of Exile."

However, one of the bigger challenges facing Wilson's path to exile is to maintain the rhythm of the 13-week content cycle, keeping in mind the health of employees. Since Wilson recently opposed the austerity in the industry, I asked him how Grinding Gear Games maintained this balance.

“With the Legion, we have worked very hard to ensure that there is an early prototype ready for the content so that we can lock in what we want and make sure that all the basic design things are in the early stages,” Wilson explained. "This means that I only need to polish it up now, instead of rushing to make the game happy. So far, as far as I know, we have not completed one hour of overtime work in the Legion. From work From the perspective of life balance, this is definitely relaxing. This is something we are very proud of and hopes to follow in the future content cycle."

Another disruption to the Path of Exile traffic content is the teasing of the 4.0.0 large extension, because Grinding Gear must find a way to insert it into the game's content cycle when it is ready. Although the details are currently weak, it is clear that Wilson has great confidence in it.

"Exilecon's goal, basically, in addition to having the opportunity to meet with fans, hanging out with them for a few days, show them some cool things, we will announce our 3.9.0 extension, this is our December expansion, and we The 4.0.0 large expansion," Wilson said. “For us, the 4.0.0 extension is our version, it will use Diablo 4. It is the next generation of action RPG, representing a very large upgrade of Path of Exile. There are also some updates to your rules. For working with POE Currency and POE Items, and players can find out more about it. Therefore, we will tease it on Exilecon, and the player will get some actual operation time when building it early, which should be very exciting. "

As for when we can expect large-scale expansion to be released, it will take at least a year and a half for Wilson to bet on it. However, it is important that grinding gears do not ruin their creative rhythm due to austerity as a means of meeting any release date.

"Well, the giant expansion is very easy, because if it is not ready, then we will not release it," Wilson asserted. “We have a deadline to show to ExileCon people, but if the main expansion takes up most of our time and we can't do the work of a large expansion, then post its release date to the future. So there is no special attention to that.”

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