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Adobe Customer Support Phone Number

Photoshop doesn’t recognize video card (NOT XP-64)

You must know beforegetting to the solution as what exactly you are facing in Adobe Photoshop. Toconfirm, if you need to know that whether your Video driver is on the list ornot. Such kind of error occurs when you could not find your Video driver in thelist and Photoshop is detecting only the inbuilt HD Videos card which can beseen in the image below. By following the steps which are given in the belowinstructions the issues of Video card can be resolved very easily or there isanother option for you as Adobe Customer Support Phone Number wherecertified experts will help you in every issue which you face.

To resolve theissue, you need to follow the process as it is given over here and you need tofollow in a strict manner

In the beginning,you have to try out is to update your Photoshop and Video Driver and it is thebasic step.

In case you areusing Photoshop CC then you have to ensure that it should be updated with thehelp of Adobe Creative Cloud

If you have olderversion is installed on your PC then you have to goto Help>Update to check it that whether the latest version isinstalled or not.

You have to repeatthe steps for the Video drivers too.

Now you are requiredto check your Video driver settings which can find out in your Videos driver’scontrol panel.

  1. After opening control, the panel you     have to choose High-performance NVIDIA processor

  2. Just click on Apply button

After that just waitfor 2-3 seconds, and see the effect!

After performing thesteps you have to go back to Photoshop. Before doing that you mustrestart Photoshop first.

Now you can see theVideo card is activated

It can be seen fromthe above explanation that the issue of Adobe Photoshop can be rectified byfollowing the steps in a proper manner. In case you face some error whilefollowing the instructions then there is another option for you in the formof Adobe Customer Care Number where your every issue will be handled carefully with the help ofqualified technicians. You can avail the service of technical support team 24×7online without any hassle.

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