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How to reset Yahoo password

Have you ever forgot your mail password? Or you tried signing in to your mail id and the password you entered is wrong? Don’t worry, we all are human beings and it is quite common to forget things, especially passwords. We access many different accounts and for securing it, we use passwords. But remembering all of them is quite a difficult task. In this blog, you will get to know about resetting and recovering your Yahoo email password. If you encounter any confusions, try reaching out to Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 for help.
Your Yahoo password gives you access to every Yahoo service that you use. You will need to know your current password in order to change it to something else. If not, you can reset it. In order to change your password using a mobile web browser of your choice, follow these –
Go to Yahoo Account Info
Account Security
Change password
Enter and confirm your new password.
Reset a forgotten password
Use the Sign-in helper to reset the password and regain access to your account. For account security, Yahoo only displays some of the options. It determines which option to display based on the factors of your signing in recovery settings.
Go to the sign in Helper
Enter your phone number or email address and click continue
If required, enter the CAPTCHA code.
If you can receive the code through text or by email, then you must allow that and when received, click on ‘verify’. You can also retrieve your Yahoo account with the help of secret questions you answered at the time of registering on the Yahoo mail. It's just that you must remember the exact answers to the questions. It must be kept in mind, once you reset your password, don’t forget to memorize it properly. Also, set a strong new password with the help of numbers, alphabets, and symbols. In case, you find it difficult to reset the password, don’t waste your time and reach out to Yahoo customer support number, as the technicians will help you solve the problem.

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