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Wuda : expat‘s apartment on fire

Wuhan University : After an unexplained apartment blast
the foreign affair office keeps on lodging foreign children !

The explosion happened on themorning of July the fourth at around half past five.According to local policeofficers present that day there was no doubt that theorigin of the fire was theforeigners guest house too old electric appliances and instalation.

All kitchen, dining room andbathroom changed totally black when at twelve Wuhan University own policeofficers entered the apartment . But the post explosion fire only burned the refrigerator,the tv anda laptop. Expect the metallic armature of the refrigerator, nothingof these items could be found.

The foreign teacher who lived there, and by chance didn’t sleep there that day,was ask to not tell anybody outside the University about the blast. So did heuntil he was designed as responsible of the blast and asked to pay for theburnt furnitures ! Mr. Liu Bin, chief of the local police and a friend of the guesthouse manager decided that the blast occured because of the unplugged personallaptop.

Wuhan University foreign affairoffice Vice president, followed this idea and made arrangement to totallyexoneratethe manager of the hotel and let him keeping hosting foreign expertswith their kids.

Earlier this summer, the localpolice of Wuhan University also helped the manager of the hotel after the 100years old tree in front the hotel crashedon the road by side. Hopefully as forthe fire nobody was killed or injured but the question is how long will  foreign expert of Wuhan University risk theirlifein a sbuilding they are forced to live in and that closes doors every night ateleven sharp and has no emergency exit.

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